What do I need to know before installing?

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System requirements

This section explains the hardware and software requirements for NVivo Server 10 R2. If you want to install NVivo Server 10, use these system requirements. To understand the differences between the NVivo Server releases—refer to Understand the different releases of NVivo Server 10.

Minimum system requirements

Recommended system requirements

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Understand what is installed

When you install NVivo Server 10 R2, the following components are installed (if required and not already present):

NOTE  If you are installing NVivo Server 10, these components are installed.

You can install NVivo Server on a physical or virtual server device. It consists of the following software components:

The following diagram shows the client-server architecture:

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Unsupported configurations

Note: The following are not supported on the physical or virtual server hosting NVivo Server:

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Understand where files are installed

The NVivo Server application and database files are installed to:

NVivo Server projects are stored in the following location (you can modify this location after installation):


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